Frequently Asked Questions

AdminSassy Storks

Here are some of our most asked questions. I am going to answer them in this blog post!

1. How long do I rent the stork for?
A: You can rent the stork for one week or two weeks.

2. How do I order a stork?
A: You can go to your website and fill out our order form online.

3. How much do storks and stars cost?
A: For one week is $80
For two weeks is $120
Each star is $25
Each dog bone is $25
Each custom star is $25

4. How early do I need to order?
A: You can always do a preorder and that will reserve a stork for you when your baby is born. You can also order when the baby is born. Our goal is to have the stork in the yard before the parents come home from the hospital.

5. Do you deliver to my neighborhood?
A: We deliver all around Houston and into the suburbs. You can email us and we can verify if we do. Here are some of the neighborhoods that we deliver to: River Oaks, Heights, West U, Bellaire, Spring Branch, Meyerland, Briar Grove, Briar Grove Park, Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg and Missouri City. We also know other stork companies that have the same stork design and we will send you their information if we can’t deliver to you.